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Prof. Mohammad Sameh Said

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Physics - Second Secondary

التنسيق المتاح


Physics - Second Secondary

Prof. Mustafa Kamal Mohammad YussefProf. Mohammad Sameh Said Dr. Mustafa Mohamed ElsayedDr. Tarek Mohammad Talaat SalamaMiss. Karima Abdul Alim Sayed Ahmed


الأكثر شهرة

Physics - Second Secondary

Physics is the cornerstone of basic sciences. It deals with the understanding of nature and what goes around us, big and small in this universe. It is the root of all sciences. Intertwined with it is chemistry which focuses on reactions between materials, biology which deals with living creatures, geology which is involved with the layers of the Earth, and astronomy which treats celestial objects. But in the end, physics remains the mother of all sciences and the basis for the tremendous present scientific and technological progress. Understanding physics means understanding the laws governing this universe. Such understanding has led to the current industrial development spearheaded by the West. The Arabs and Moslems were once the pioneers of civilization in the world when they realized the importance of understanding the laws of this universe. We owe them the discovery of most laws of physics centuries before the West. The foundations of medicine, physics, chemistry, astronomy, mathematics and music were all laid by Arab and Moslem scientists.

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