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Dr. Amany Qurany Ibrahim

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Computer Information Technology and Communication

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Computer Information Technology and Communication

Dr. Taher Abd El Hameed EL AlyDr. Amany Qurany IbrahimAbeer Hamed AhmedNagwa Sadek Ibrahim


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Computer Information Technology and Communication

In our age, education is a decisive factor in determining the future of our world: states and individuals. This imposes the need to keep up with the institution of technological and scientific progress. This has resulted in change in the evaluation of society standards according to the extent of its development in information technology and the ability to switch from marginal and consuming communities to communities producing knowledge. We are confident that we have the brains, abilities and energies that enable us to achieve our ambition. We just need to work hard to invest our energy and our available capabilities and work to discover talented creators of our children. The philosophy of computer and information and communication technology aims at providing a variety of alternatives to the software. That's why we have selected open source software (operating under Ms WINDOWS) as well as other operating systems, so as to achieve the logical sequence in the scientific content and takes into account the integrated aspects of the personality of the learner in the light of criteria and indicators included in the matrix of the long relay of the material presented.

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